Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Marshy's Christmas

Last year I bought yards and yards and yards of Disney's Cars fabric. I had all these great ideas of making curtains and matching sheets and a really cute quilt all for Marshy's room for his birthday....last year. It so didn't get done! I made the quilt, but it sat around waiting to be quilted. It finally got done (photo further down).
I made a flat sheet out of my leftover Cars Lightning McQueen fabric. It isn't as big as I thought I was making it, but it looks cute on Marshy's bed, and he likes it which is all that matters.

I also made a pillowcase. I have some of the tan fabric leftover, and am considering making curtains out of them....maybe. We'll see what happens! haha

This is the quilt I made. It turned out so cute....and HUGE! I didn't realize how big it was when I made it. Tonight, putting it on Marshy's bed was an adventure. Let's just say that a twin size quilt looks really big on a converted crib/daybed! haha :)
I also made a bedskirt. It looks so cute on his bed with all the pieces together! And he loves it, and that is all I really care about. :)

Angel's Flannel Quilt

SIL Angel made this quilt a few years back and it is finally finished! :) She had me quilt it the other day so she could give it away for Christmas.

I quilted it with a meander in wheat colored thread.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Applique Vine

This quilt is one of my husband's other cousin's quilts. She made it for a Christmas present.

In the outer border I quilted leaves. I echo quilted the appliques on the vine in the three panels. I used white colored thread.

Square in a square in a square

This is one of my husband's cousin's quilts. She made it as a Christmas present for her daughter.

Using an eggshell colored thread I quilted a meander across it.

Family Photo Quilt

On this fun family photo quilt I quilted feathers in the blocks and a looping border around the photos.

I used eggshell colored thread.

Strippy Rag Quilt

This adorable strippy quilt was made as a rag quilt, too. What a cute idea!

I quilted flowers and other similar motifs in each of the strips using an eggshell colored thread.

Maisy the Mouse

This cute quilt is a shop sample for Gracie Lou's. Each of the pages does something different, like unzip, lace up, or button.

I used a variegated thread and quilted a meander across the quilt.


I quilted three of these cute quilts for a client of mine. Unfortunately, I only took picutres of this one. There was also a blue/orange/green/brown one and a light blue/dark blue/brown one. They all had minkee on the back and she had me put the high loft batting in it.

I quilted loops and stars in brown on the other two quilts, and in chambray on this quilt.

Flannel Christmas Quilt

A client of mine makes a Christmas quilt every year. This is her quilt this year. She had me quilt Christmas lights and loops on it. I used cream colored thread.

Cross Stitch quilt

A client brought me this cross stitched quilt. She wanted three concentric stars quilted around the Nativity scene. I used white colored thread.

Ric-Rac Squares

On this quilt I quilted several different motifs. I alternated between feathers and swirls.

In one row of the quilt I had my first attempt at McTavishing (I think it turned out really great).
In the outer border I quilted a partial feather.
I used wheat colored thread.


I quilted an all-over heart design on this quilt.

The back was this cute fleece fabric:
I used eggshell colored thread.

Baseball Quilt

On this quilt I stitched in the ditch around each section. In the squares I quilted "X's". In the center section I quilted the baseball player's initials and his numbers at his mom's request. I used white colored thread.

Christmas Trees

On this quilt I quilted something different inside each of the trees. I outlined the trees and quilted swirls of snow behind them. In the outer border I quilted holly leaves.

My client had me bind her quilt for her, too.
I used eggshell colored thread.

A Boy's Story Quilt

This cute quilt is made of all flannels.

I quilted concentric circles around the stars.

In each of the sections I quilted horizontal lines at varying intervals.
I used dark chestnut colored thread.

Cowboy Quilt

On this fun cowboy quilt I quilted loops and stars.

Pretty Flowers

On this cute quilt I quilted loops and flowers.

Blues and Greens

On this cute quilt I quilted swirls in each of the blocks.

In the border I quilted waves of different sizes.

Be Mine

On this cute Valentine's quilt I outlined the appliques and meandered around them.

In the squares around the "Be mine" I quiled hearts.

In the border I quilted hearts and leaves.

Holiday Patchwork

On this fun holiday patchwork quilt I quilted snowflakes and loops in eggshell colored thread.

I Believe in Santa Claus

I love this panel quilt! Santa with the little boy is so cute!

Using wheat colored thread I quilted loops and stars in the border, and outline quilted around the picture in the panel.