Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Panel Donation Quilt

A client of mine put together this fun panel quilt as a donation to a local charity.  I quilted a tight meander across the whole quilt.

Poppin' Posies

I quilted this version of Poppin' Posies for Izzy n Ivy's quilt market booth in May.
I quilted large flowers in the small strippy section, and leaves in the sashing below it.
I outlined the floral appliques and quilted a ribbon meander in the background.
I quilted flowers in the pieced section above and below the appliques.
I quilted loops on each side of the ric-rac.  I used So Fine! Snow thread.

Tear Drops

This fun quilt was a shop sample for Gracie Lou's.
I quilted an all-over tear drop pattern.

Baby Blues Four Patch

On this sweet baby quilt I quilted an all-over swirl pattern in a baby blue colored thread.

Lattice Table Topper

On this cute table topper I quilted flowers and leaves in the outer border.
I outlined the appliqued flowers.
In the background I quilted a spiraly flower.

Feathers and Flowers

Isn't this quilt beautiful?!

I quilted a feathered wreath in the outer border.

In the background triangles I quilted feathers.

I quilted a flower in the center square with feathers in the background around the square.  In the rest of the pieced block I quilted a wavy cross hatch design.  I used So Fine! Snow thread.

Flower Applique Strippy Quilt

This fun strippy quilt features a monogram and a floral applique.

In the circle applique I quilted around each of the layers and did a circular loop to make it look like a flower.
In the background strips I quilted loops, squiggles, flowers and leaves, feathers, etc.
I outline quilted the applique flower and quilted some details on the leaves.
In the outer border I quilted a ribbon meander.  I used So Fine! Snow for the thread.

Floral Table Topper

On this fun table topper I quilted an all-over loop and floral design in a light yellow thread.

More Shamrocks!

A client brought me this fun table topper.

I quilted an all-over loop and clover design in a green colored thread.

Vintage Quilt

This great quilt was brought to me by a client.  It was pieced together by family members, and was intended to be a Mother's Day present for her mom.
I quilted an all-over meander in So Fine! Snow, a white colored thread.

Little Boy Navy Strippy Quilt

This fun, navy-themed strippy quilt was so fun.  I quilted 2 of them for my client.  Don't you just love the Navy print?

I quilted stars, loops, waves, swirls, spirals, etc. in each of the strips.  One strip had the recipient's name quilted across it.

Lone Star Quilt

This client quilt was made for a wedding back in May, and was one of my favorite quilts to quilt.

Using So Fine! Snow colored thread I quilted feathers in the white background pieces, and in the outer border.  I did a wavy cross hatch in the white portions of the inner border.
Using So Fine! Rodeo Queen, a purple colored thread, I quilted inside each of the diamond pieces in the star, as well as stitching in the ditch to outline the diamonds. 

Snowballs and Spirals

My husband's cousins made this for their sister (his other cousin).  Isn't it so cute?! 

I quilted swirls in the snowballs in the quilt center
In the white inner border I quilted flowers.
In the outer blue borders I quilted leaves.
A view of the back of the quilt.  They used a bedsheet for the backing.  Didn't it turn out great?  I used a Chambray colored thread.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mechanic Patchwork

This fun automechanic themed quilt was so cute.
I quilted all-over loops and tires in black thread.

Pretty Floral

This cute quilt was brought in by a client of mine.  She wanted it quilted just like the sample at our local quilt shop.
I quilted leaves and flowers in the white pieces.
And swirls in the print fabrics.  I used lilac colored thread.

Patchwork Bars

This cute quilt was my client's friend's first quilt.  Didn't she do a great job?!
I quilted an all-over meander, except for where the applique flowers are.

Cooper's Cars

This is Cooper's Cars by Sweet Ruby Designs.  Isn't it so cute?!  I love the cars!
I outline quilted all of the applique pieces, with flames coming out of the tail pipes of the cars. 
I quilted loops and tires in the inner borders.

In the outer border I quilted an all-over loop with tires design.