Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Friday, June 19, 2009

Floral Table Topper

This quilt is one my mother in law made out of a jelly roll of Thimble Blossoms (the same fabric as this quilt, but in the other color line). She bought some extra yardage for the appliques.

I outline stitched the appliques, and did an all-over floral/leaf/loop design.

You can see the pattern a lot better here in this picture of the backing fabric. I used a whole wheat colored thread. My MIL is hoping to enter this into our local quilt show in August.

Personalized Bedspread

This quilt is a bedspread that a client brought me to have quilted. I love the large ric-rac flower and the monogram.

Using an eggshell colored thread I quilted a medium meander across the quilt, without going onto the appliques.

The backing fabric is a solid off-white/cream fabric.

Monster Truck Playmat

Is this not the cutest playmat you have EVER seen?! I love this panel quilt! In fact, my little boy loved it, and I'll probably have to buy it for him (trucks and cars are totally his thing right now).

I did a lot of outline quilting on this panel. Really, that's about all you can do without detracting from the cuteness of it.
In the outer printed borders I quilted around the tires, and then quilted straight lines along the left side of the lights border and the right side of the checkered border.

On the cars and Monster Trucks I stitched along the outlines of the major pieces of the picture.
You can't really tell in the picture, but in real life the quilting along the dents of the car really add depth to the panel.

I used black colored thread. I wish I had taken a picture of the backing fabric. It was tires, similar to the tires in the border of the panel. I'd put a link to a picture in here, but I can't find it on the web.

I Spy With My Little Eye.....

This is such a fun idea for a quilt! It is a shop sample for Gracie Lou's. The lady who made it wanted something really simple and all-over, so I did a meander.

I used a poppy red colored thread on top, and an artillery red colored thread in the bobbin.


This cute quilt is made out of Clementine by Me and My Sister Designs for moda. It is so cute!

I quilted a medium meander in a cream colored thread.

Border Quilting

A lady brought this one to have the outer borders quilted. She had tied the center area of the quilt, but thought that it needed something in the borders. I quilted a small/medium meander in a blue thread.

Colton's Angels donation quilt 2

This is another quilt that some ladies in a local church group made. My MIL gave it to me to quilt for Colton's Angels, the humanitarian group I belong to. Because it was already put together, I quilted it on my domestic machine.
This picture is really hard to see, but I quilted large rectangles, stitching in the ditch. I used a natural colored thread.

Four Patch

This cute quilt is a four patch with a pieced border around it. A client brought it to me when she brought me this and this. She wanted something really simple, not too tightly quilted.
I quilted a meander across the whole quilt.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pleased to Present:

Okay, so I have been working on these for a few weeks now, about a month actually, and am proud to present my Banners of the Month!

I've been desiging, in my "free" time, wallhangings for each month of the year. I only really have 1 finished, but I've been working on several at once.

The first one I have mostly finished, except for the last half of the binding, is July's.


I used a variegated red/white/blue thread for the white border around the flag in the center. I freehanded flags and loops. In the blue stars behind the "JULY" I quilted stars and loops in a navy blue. I also used the longarm to finish the applique edges of "JULY".

I used a navy blue and echo quilted around the star. I used navy blue on my domestic machine, along with a decorative stitch, to applique the edges of the white star. Around the flag I did a squiggle outline.

I know it's just a wallhanging, but I couldn't resist putting this super-cute fabric on the back. The color looks more orange in the picture because of the lighting in my living room, but I promise it's really red.

I just finished piecing together August's wallhanging. YAY! I don't have the letters appliqued to the bottom strip of yellow because I don't have a printer at home to print the letters out with. Anyway, I am hoping to get it finished tomorrow. Since it is just a wallhanging, I'll probably just back it with some muslin and then use the leftover hot pink to bind it with.

I'm currently working on January's as well. I have most of it pieced and can't wait to unveil it!!!

Patterns will be available for sale soon, most likely on etsy. I have to finish drawing up some things for them, but have most of January's and July's patterns written. I am so excited!!

So, anyway, just wanted to introduce my lovelies to you all.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Robots in Space

A client made this quick and easy quilt for her little boy. She used the cutest fabric! It's all got robots, rocket ships, and stars on it.
I quilted an all-over loop/stars pattern in eggshell colored thread.

Bunny Panel Quilt

A client found this cute panel quilt while she was cleaning out a closet. She decided to finish it and brought it to me for quilting.
I decided to keep it simple, because the panels were so cute and fun. I quilted around the inner and outer edges of the picture frames around the bunnies.

I quilted on the lines printed on the panel for a cross-hatched look in the inner border.
In the outer border I did flowers. You can't really see it well on the picture above, so I took a picture of the back of the quilt.

I used old rose colored thread on the back of the quilt and light pink colored thread on the top.

Fun and FUNky

"Joy" brought me this quilt. It is a sample for Gracie Lou's, I think.
There was some really intricate piecing in this quilt. So, even if you can't see the quilting in this picture, you can kind of see how little some of the pieces are.

This is the back of the quilt. I quilted an all-over flower and leaf design in eggshell colored thread.

Puppies and Hearts

This is the second quilt I did for my client, the one who needed the baby quilts done quickly. This is a cute puppy quilt (see the other one I've quilted here) only done in cotton fabrics instead of flannels. I love how bright the colors are. She added strips of fabric to the sides to make the quilt larger.
I outline quilted the puppies 3 times. Then filled in the rest of the spaces with an all-over heart design.

I used dyed natural colored thread on the top of the quilt and a dark brown on the back. The backing fabric was the same stripe as was attached to the sides of the quilt top.

(I did finish in time for the client, by the way. I finished both of her quilts on Thursday.)

Birds and Flowers

A client called me last week, hoping I could quilt a couple of baby quilts for her by last Friday. This is one of them:
I outline quilted the flower and the bird from the panel.

Everywhere else I did a spiral flower design.

I used a light yellow thread. The back of this quilt was the pale minkee with the paisley pattern in it. It was super cute!

Happy Graduation Megan!

One of Angel's friends has a daughter who just graduated last week from high school. She LOVES Twilight, so Angel made her the "Twilight quilt".
I quilted "Bite me" in the upper sashing....

.....and "Love, Edward" in one of the black center blocks of the quilt.

Everywhere else I quilted the spiraling flowers.

I used eggshell colored thread. HAPPY GRADUATION, MEGAN!!! :)

Hearts, Feathers, and Vines

This is the second quilt I've done for this particular client (go here to see her other one). She wanted a heart design in the center of the large cream areas.
These next pictures are all taken of the back of the quilt, because you can see the detail better. I used a cream colored thread and it blended in really well with the Irish chain part of the quilt top.

There were 4 borders on the quilt: I quilted over 2 of them in a large flower pattern, the 3rd border I did a long feather, and in the 4th border I did a vine.

This is a picture of the feather hearts. I did a countinuous heart design everywhere else.