Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Monday, May 3, 2010


A client of mine brought me 2 of these fun shamrock quilts to have quilted.

I quilted around the shamrocks and did a tight meander in the background (using white colored thread).
In the border I quilted an all-over loop and flower pattern using Signature Lime green thread.

Feathered Triangles

I really enjoyed quilting this quilt, but then, I LOVE quilting feathers, so that probably had something to do with it!

In the outer three diagonal rows of brown striped/tan triangles I quilted directional feathers, alternating directions. In the tan diagonal stripe I quilted a continuous feather.

In the colored striped triangles I quilted individual feather plumes.

In the center of the quilt I quilted an all-over swirling feather.

In the outer border I quilted a feathered wreath, and in the inner border I quilted adjacent circles. I quilted the quilt using Superior King Tut Sahara Sands thread (a variegated brown).

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cousin's Triangle Quilt

My husband's cousin made this quilt for her husband and brought it to me to be quilted.

Using a Superior King Tut Old Giza (variegated orange, black, and green) colored thread I quilted a non-traditional Baptist fan across the entire quilt.

Wedding Quilt, Part 2

My client that brought me this quilt also brought me this one, to go to the same wedding. I had used a dog bone pantograph on the previous quilt, and since the recipients were big dog lovers, my client suggested maybe I use the pantograph on this one as well. The pantograph, however, came with a different design featuring dogs and bones, so I decided to use that one instead.

It turned out really cute. I love the dogs!

I used Superior King Tut Brooklet (variegated blue) colored thread.

Floral Row Quilt

A client brought me this fun floral row quilt to have it quilted.

I quilted a ribbon meander behind the flower appliques. In the stripe rows I quilted swirly flowers.

In the outer border I quilted vines.

I used Permacore Sunlight (light yellow) thread.

Raw Edge Circle Applique Quilt

This fun quilt is a shop sample for Gracie Lou's.

In the raw edge appliqued circles I quilted loops.
In the background I quilted a ribbon meander. I used white colored thread.

Wedding Quilt

This quilt was meant as a wedding present for someone that my client knows. She had the hearts, their names and the date embroidered onto the top. Then she hand quilted the temple before having me quilt the rest of it.

Using white colored thread I quilted a ribbon meander around the rest of the quilt.

Triangle Trips

A client brought this flannel shop sample for Gracie Lou's to me to quilt.

I stitched in the ditch around all the pieces, and in most of them quilted about 3/8 in inside. On the inside border I quilted parallel lines, and in the outer border I quilted X's in the blocks.

In a few of the blocks I quilted X's.

I used Superior King Tut Sahara Sands thread, a variegated brown color. I love that the back is pieced from the remnants from the top.

Patchwork Flowers

This fun floral quilt is made with some of my favorite fabric: Blush by Basic Grey for Moda.

My client wanted me to do some detail on the flower blocks and vines in the sashing. In the outer border I did loops and flowers.

Close up of the flowers.

I used Permacore Old Rose colored thread.