Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Decadent Victorian"

I LOVE THIS QUILT! It is so beautiful! And, it uses a jelly roll. A client of mine made it and brought it to me to quilt. I had a lot of fun doing it. She wanted it done similarly to the picture on the pattern. In some areas I couldn't tell what they had done, so I did my own thing. For the most part, though, I stuck pretty close to what they did in the picture.
In the small pink inner border I did circles side-by-side. In the upper and lower horizontally pieced sections I did feathers.

I also did feathers in the corners. In the dark brown diamond I did cross-hatching.

The white squares are all stitched in the ditch.

I filled the center pink diamond with a feather motif.
I recently finished a 2 week class on creating feathers using a plastic template. I used the technique I learned on the outer dark brown border. I did an alternating feathered wreath border.

I love the back of this quilt. My client had a light mint green fabric. I used an eggshell colored thread, which made the quilting pop on the back.

Another view of the back. It looks really cool. I had a lot of fun doing this quilt, and it turned out looking really quite similar to the photo on the pattern. :)

Quilted Bag of the Month

Gracie Lou's has a Bag of the Month class each month. In a few months they are having a bag where part of it is quilted. They brought me the fabric to have it quilted.
I did a variation of a paisley pattern on the paisley fabric.

I did waves on the plaid fabric.

I used blue jean gold colored thread on both pieces of fabric. Check on Gracie Lou's blog for pics of the bag of the month and how to sign up for their classes.

Christmas Tree Skirt

My mother-in-law is teaching this adorable Buggy Barn tree skirt class at Gracie Lou's in a few months.
I outline quilted around the stars, and echoed out all the way to edge.

I used Scarlet colored thread. The back of the tree skirt looks so cool! I don't have a Christmas tree, but when I get one I am definitely going to make me this tree skirt to go around the bottom! :)

Surf's Up!

This cool surfin' themed strip quilt belongs to a client of mine. I've been quilting a lot of strippy quilts lately, and she brought this to me to quilt for her.
I quilted something different in each strip. Loops, circles, waves, swirls.

In this strip I took one of the tropical leaves from the fabric and quilted it across the row. I also outlined all the rick-rack.

Fall Table Topper

Isn't this a fun table topper? I quilted it for Gracie Lou's.
In the center I did an all-over, tight meander.

In the small orange border I did a squiggle, and in the outer border I quilted pumpkins.

I used whole wheat colored thread.

Chic Paris Strip Quilt for the Women's Expo 2009

This is another of the quilts that Gracie Lou's displayed at the Womens Expo last week. The fabric is so cute and girly!
I did hearts, feathers.....

.....squiggles, loops, outlined rick-rack, French phrases (C'est la vie, Jolie Paris, and La Tour Eiffel)....
.....loops ......

....circles, loops, feathers....

....See, I told you the fabric was so cute and girly!

.....Squiggles, circles...., hearts, and more loops.
The back is this adorable Eiffel Tower/Paris-themed pattern. I used an old rose colored thread.

Blue Strip Quilt for Women's Expo 2009

On the 11th and 12th of September, Gracie Lou's was at the Utah Valley Women's Expo. They had me quilt this cute little strippy quilt to display there.
I did something different in each strip. I outlined the rick-rack, did loops, boxes, squiggles....

.....meanders, swirls....

.....I did the alphabet in the alphabet strip, zig-zags......
.....I quilted stars in the star strip, more squiggles, ribbons.....

.....More rick-rack outlining, loops.....

.....more loops, patterned zig-zags, and circles.

The back is a checkered flannel. I used an eggshell colored thread.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Missionary Quilt Update

First of all, I promise to upload pictures from the quilts I've quilted the last few weeks soon. Very soon.

Secondly, I am making really great progress on this Missionary Quilt. I counted the other night, and there are like 77 Sister missionary blocks and 240-something Elder missionary blocks. That's right, there are over 314 blocks. Sister Newman wants me to add a border, so I am thinking a 5 inch border around the outside will be adequate. I might have to border some of the blocks, too, but as of right now, it is looking like the quilt will turn out around a Queen size.

I finished all of the Sister blocks that have material provided. I counted around 53 blocks. There are about 25 blocks that need material. I kind of want to wait until I have the elders done, though, so that I can use matching colors from the leftover fabric from the other sister blocks.

I have a couple of design ideas for how to put the quilt together. When I get more blocks done I'll take pictures and post them.

Well, back to work!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Huge Project

My in-laws have some friends who recently returned from being mission presidents in Omaha. They collected ties and pieces of fabrics from the elders and sisters who were missionaries while they were out there. They also had them all write their names on pieces of fabric.

They asked me to turn the ties and pieces of fabrics into (a) quilt(s).

It's a big project. There are over 300 missionary blocks. But, it is really fun so far. I started working on the sister missionary blocks first.

They are having a mission reunion the first part of October, so they would like part of the quilt(s) finished by then. I have a couple of ideas for layout, so far, but we'll see how it ends up once I get all the blocks finished.

Keep checking back! Photos coming soon! :)