Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ethan's Quilt

This quilt is a shop sample for Gracie Lou's. I'm not sure who Ethan is, but his quilt sure is cute!

At the top, behind the name applique, I did pebbling in an eggshell colored thread.

Across the rest of the quilt top I quilted concentric circles in eggshell, light blue, sea grass, and bright turquoise. The circles are randomly placed across the quilt top, with the concentric circles spaced at various intervals.

Puzzle Quilt

My client "M" also made this quilt for her daughter and son-in-law, which she wanted to show in the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Quilt Show.

Matching the fabric colors, I alternated between a tight meander and a looser meander in the puzzle pieces.

In the inner border I did a meander, and in the outer border I did the outer half of a feather. It ended up looking really cool. The backing fabric was a tan/cream zebra striped minkee pattern.

Another Strippy Baby Quilt

This is a shop sample for Gracie Lou's. They wanted me to quilt something different in each strip. Below are several photos of the different sections.

I used an eggshell colored thread. This one was a challenge because I had to come up with different designs for each strip, but it was so fun to quilt! It turned out quite nicely.

Under the Sea

This quilt is a shop sample for Gracie Lou's. It is made from this adorable fabric that has swirls and sea turtles. It is very cute! The lady who made it wanted me to do swirls with sea life throughout, specifically star fish, sea turtles, and sea horses.

Here, if you look closely, you can see several sea turtles, but most prominantly, two star fish.

Here you see the sea horse. He was particularly difficult, because you had to come at him a particular way, but he turned out so cute!

And here, in the center, is the sea turtle. He was my favorite. Some of the turtles had their heads up, some had their heads down.
I used an eggshell colored thread.

Stained Glass Windows

My client "M" brought me this quilt. It is for her daughter and son-in-law. She was going to show it in the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Quilt Show.

I quilted a tight meander in each little section of colored fabric, matching the thread as closely to the main color of fabric as I could.
In the outer border I did a looser meander. In the pieced border I did a large squiggle. In the inner border I quilted a continuous loop. In the flying geese border on the 1 side I quilted 1/4 inch on the inside.

The quilting turned out so cool on this one! The tight meander in the colored piecing makes the green fabric pop up, almost looking like little stained glass windows.
I ended up using 9 colors of thread: royal blue, navy blue, black, eggshell, scarlet, grass green, wheat, gray, and pale yellow. The backing was a cheetah minkee print.


A lady brought this cute little charm pack wallhanging to me to be quilted. She wanted pumpkins quilted all over.

I used a wheat colored thread, which showed up well on both the light and dark fabrics.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I just updated my quilting order form. If you are using the old order form, please print out the newer one. The old one will still work, but the newer one will streamline your quilting order. Thank you.


Portfolio Book 1

Just finished putting together Book 1 of my portfolio. I am so excited it's done!
Well, not totally done, but close.
I still have to print out all of the quilt description sheets.
And mount them to the pages.
I guess I'm really only about halfway there.
But it sure does feel good to have some progress to show for all of my work.
What does this mean? This means that now I have several hard copy samples of work I have done.
Now, if you come in with questions or for a quilting consultation, you don't have to look on a tiny camera screen or go online to see samples.
You can now look directly in my Portfolio Book 1.
Here's to hoping book 2 gets done soon, now!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Aunt Karen's Houses

My husband's Aunt Karen also left this beauty with me to quilt for her. I had so much fun quilting it! It challenged me creatively, as I wanted to do something different from my normal thing. I couldn't find just one color that worked with everything in it, so I ended up using 7 different colors of thread! (I KNOW!)
Below: Here are some of the different blocks in the quilt.

I used navy blue, A&E Permacore scarlet red, eggshell, whole wheat, dark myrtle (green), black, and Signature 100% cotton scarlet red (in the bobbin when the scarlet red was used on top).

Aunt Karen's "Women's Voices"

My husband's Aunt Karen brought me this quilt a few months ago. She lives out of state, and only asked that I had it done in time for her to show it at the end of July.
I kept the quilting on this one really simple: Mostly stitch-in-the-ditch in the blocks. Below are some of my favorite blocks.

I used a whole wheat colored thread. In the outer border I did a loose feather. In the sashing between the blocks I did a squiggly line.

Cowboy Boots and Lassos

I've done quilts for this lady before, but she brought me this one a few weeks ago to do. Again, sorry it's taken me so long to get pictures up!
In the center I did a loop with stars.

In the border I did cowboy boots and lassos.
(I freehanded the cowboy boots.) I used a whole wheat colored thread.

Stars and Planes

My mother-in-law has had this cute one for a while, too.
Using a yellow thread I quilted stars and loops across the whole quilt.

Appliqued Baby Girl Quilt

This is a cute little baby girl quilt that my mother-in-law has had made for a while, and wanted me to quilt up for her. The applique is all turned under and hand stitched down. WOW!
Using an eggshell colored thread I quilted loopy flowers allover.

It turned out super cute!

Baby Girl Panel Quilt

A lady brought me this super-cute flannel panel quilt to quilt.
I did squiggly lines around the panel blocks, and outlined the main pieces of the panels.

In the border I did large hearts and flowers with loops connecting it all.

The back was a cute matching flannel, too. I used Old Rose colored thread.

Strippy Baby Quilt

First, I would like to apologize for my prolonged absence. I have been on vay-cay for a while and have been playing catch-up at work since I've been back. That being said, on to the quilts!!

A lady brought me this cute little baby quilt to quilt for her. It is strippy, and has different sizes of rick-rack sewn at various intervals.

I did something different in each section. Below: all-over heart design.
Below: Large flowers with a small looping meander in between.

Below: Vines and leaves.

Below: Large flowers with larger looping meander.

Below: Large leaves
I used a pink colored thread.
Above: One section I also did hearts separated by a loop.