Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Up and Running

I got my new needle bar and had it installed today! This is so exciting, because it means we are back up and running, hopefully at above-normal speed for the next few weeks!

Wait time to get a quilt done is currently 2 weeks, but this might decrease depending on how fast some of the quilts get finished. I have several really little quilts that shouldn't take too long, so times may be quicker than previously quoted.

Thank you for your patience with our technical difficulties! Now, off to get some quilts done before it's time to go home! :)

Momentary Set Back

I'm having a bit of trouble. Between Blogger not letting me upload pictures, and my needle bar not holding any of my needles, I'm a little behind with everything.

Please be patient. We will be up and running, (and hopefully fully functional!) soon. I'm driving up to my Gammill dealer today to pick up a new needle bar. I spoke with the tech yesterday and he said it should fix all of my problems. Here's to hoping it does!!

As far as Blogger is concerned....I really hope they'll fix whatever problem it is they are having with their photo uploader. It's really causing some issues, and not just with me! But, I will keep trying to update as often as I can.

Please keep checking back for more updates. And, if you're in the mood to make a cute quilt or maybe even finish some projects, or just have a good time with a bunch of people who love classical books (and their movies!) check out these great links:

Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt

Bronte-Along - Thanks to Melissa at Yummy Goods and Beth Dunn at An Accomplished Young Lady have put together a fabulous effort. We're reading, watching, and crafting along together while enjoying Jane Eyre. Personally, the 2006 BBC/Masterpiece Theater version of the movie is the best. I'm reading the book, bought the movie (and watch it multiple times a week!) and hope to be able to craft something really great soon! Join us in all the fun!

OPAM 2010 - it's currently closed to official participation, but you are more than welcome to still craft along with us at home! It's a great excuse and motivation to actually finish those unfinished projects that are cluttering up your sewing/craft rooms!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Red and White

This is my mother-in-law's quilt. Sorry the pictures are a little dark! The flash on my camera washed out all the quilting and made it all look just white, so I had to turn it off to show the detail.

In each of the blocks I quilted a feathered wreath.

In the sashing and borders I did a wavy-cross hatch design.

In the outer border I quilted a long feather.

I love how the back of the quilt turned out looking! It's my favorite!! I used Superior Threads' SO FINE! Snow colored thread.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Denim and Flannel

This sweet quilt was made with denim and flannel fabrics. I did an all-over loop and stars design in a navy blue thread.

Sugar and Spice strippy quilt

On this fun strippy quilt for a little girl I had a lot of fun.

I quilted loops, leaves, flowers, feathers....

"Sugar and Spice and Everything nice"

Hearts, more flowers and leaves. I used YLI parchment colored thread.

Gracie Lou's Runner of the Month - May

This is a shop sample for Gracie Lou's. It's part of the Runner of the Month series.

Using YLI parchment colored thread I quilted an all-over swirling floral pattern.

Civil War Repro Quilt

I had such a fun time quilting this quilt! It took me a couple of weeks to complete the quilting on it, but I think the end result was totally worth it.

In the nine patch blocks I quilted a flower in the center, with feathers in the outer corner blocks, and ribbons making a four-patch design in the alternating blocks.

In the color patchwork nine patch blocks I quilted feathered wreaths.

I split the border into three parts. In the outer part I quilted a non-traditional Baptist fan pattern. I left the green fabric part of the border empty, and then quilted feathers on the inner part of the border.

I love how the back of the quilt turned out looking.

On the feathered wreaths I used Superior Threads King Tut Sahara Shadows thread (a variegated brown color). On the nine patch blocks I used a YLI whole wheat colored thread. For everything else I used YLI parchment colored thread.

Birthday Surprisingly Super Simple

The friend of one of my friend's sons (that's not at all confusing is it? haha) made this quilt for his girlfriend's birthday. How sweet is that?! And the fact that he sewed it himself is AWESOME! I think it's great that guys are willing to make something like this for their girlfriends/significant others.
I meandered across the whole quilt in a YLI parchment colored thread.

Hexagonal rings and four patches

I love this quilt! The colors my client used are so great together and the end result is so beautiful.

I stitched in the ditch (the seams) around everything. Then, in the hexagonal rings around the four-patch blocks I quilted a smaller meander.

I did a squiggle in the inner border and meandered throughout the outer border.

The back of the quilt is pieced, too. I LOVE IT!

I used a YLI whole wheat colored thread.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sampler Row Quilt

One of my clients brought this sweet sampler row quilt to me to have it quilted. She wanted something different in each row, and had ideas for a few of the rows, leaving the rest of it up to me.

I did leaves in the outer border. I stitched in the ditch around the sun and echo quilted around the applique flowers (I'm showing you the back view because the quilting shows up better). In the triangle row I quilted squiggley lines in a diagonal pattern, with ribbons in the background. In the fourth row I did swirls.

In row 5 I quilted feathers. The row below that I did flowers, then leaves below the flowers.

In the log cabin variation blocks I quilted a square spiral. In the bottom row I echo quilted the diagonal lines of the row.
I used YLI whole wheat colored thread

Fun Floral Quilt

This is a shop sample for Gracie Lou's. I love how fun it is!

In the inner border I echo quilted around the appliqued flowers and the ric-rac.

In the patchwork center I quilted flowers, similar to the flowers in the fabric, and loops.

In the outer border I quilted a vine with leaves and a few flowers.

I used YLI whole wheat colored thread.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trying to Post

I've been trying to update the blog, and post my recent quilting works. Unfortunately, Blogger hates me and has been giving me errors when it comes to uploading pictures. I've spent the last 3 days working on the blog, and maybe only gotten 5 or 6 posts done....yeah, frustrating.

So, please keep checking back. I promise to try and get all of February's and all of March's quilts posted soon (hopefully). My fingers are crossed!!

Also, I'm currently sewing like a mad woman to get a king size (or larger) quilt finished for a client. It's a custom job. I've got 4 of the 10 rows sewn together, and still have to make a few of the blocks. I'm hoping to get rows 5 and 6 added tonight. That would be nice. Anyway, so if you don't hear from me for a while, that's where I'll be: sewing like crazy, while listening to movies in the background.


In an effort to make things a little easier, both for my clients and myself, I have changed the rush charges. They are no longer 1.5 times the quilting cost, but are now a FLAT RATE! You can find the new charges below, or by clicking on the "Quilting Services" page link at the top of the blog.


Crib/craft, throw or twin size quilts: Add $20.00
Full or queen size quilts: Add $40.00
King size or larger quilts: Add $60.00

If you have any questions, feel free to email me ( or leave a comment below. If you leave a comment below, please include your email so I can email back.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Gracie Lou's Runner of the Month - April

This sweet table runner is April's runner for the Runner of the Month up at Gracie Lou's.

In the center I meandered around the appliqued circles.

I did something different in each of the strips: leaves, loops, etc.

A view of the back of the runner.

I used eggshell colored thread.

Patchwork Baby Quilt

On this fun patchwork quilt I quilted an all-over loop and stars pattern. I used whole wheat colored thread.

A Manly Version of the Super Simple Quilt

My niece's relative also decided to make her husband a quilt. She used motorcycle, flames, and skull themed fabrics.

Using YLI California Poppy colored thread, I quilted flames across the quilt.
It looks really cool on the minkee back.

Black and Red Surprisingly Super Simple

This quilt was brought to me by a relative of my niece. I did several for her for her kids' Christmas, and she decided to make herself a quilt, too.

Using black thread, I quilted an all-over loop/flower pattern.

Cowboy Quilt

This fun little cowboy quilt is a shop sample for Gracie Lou's.

In the center I quilted loops and stars.

In the border I meandered and threw in some catci, stars, and cowboy boots.

I used YLI whole wheat colored thread.