Custom Longarm Machine Quilting


What is your turn around time?  It depends on how many quilts in queue I have at the time of drop off, but usually not more than a few weeks.

How much backing fabric do I need?  I need the back to be at least 4-6 inches larger than your top.  Example:  Your top is 40 x 40, so your back would be at least 44 x 44.  Same with the batting, if you are providing your own.

Can I sew my top and back together and bind it prior to quilting?  You can, but it won't turn out as nicely as it would if you wait until after it's quilted.

I want to use minkee on the back of my quilt.  Will that work?  Yes!  Minkee is fabulous as a quilt back.  Just make sure that the minkee is larger than the quilt top.  NOTE:  Due to the stretch of the fabric, I pin the cut edges of the minkee fabric, NOT the selvedge edges.  Please ensure that your quilt top is not wider than your piece of minkee.  Also, please do not remove the selvedge edges from the minkee.

I'm using minkee on the back of my quilt, but it isn't big enough.  Can I piece it?  Yes!  I've found that it is easier to quilt over pieced minkee when the seam allowance is larger, though, so don't worry about sticking to a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  When I piece my minkee, I sometimes even go up to 1 inch, depending on the quilting pattern!

Have a question that is not answered here?  Contact me and I will do my best to answer it for you! :-)