Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweetheart's Dance Quilt

One of my client's sons is asking a girl to the sweethearts dance. This is the quilt he is using to ask the girl.

It's the Surprisingly Super Simple pattern.

They had me quilt his name in the quilt in dark chestnut colored thread.
Across the rest of the quilt I quilted an all-over heart and swirl pattern in Old Rose colored thread. I hope she says "YES!" :)


The daughter of a client of mine made this, and my client brought it to me to be quilted.

On the angel blocks I quilted around the angels, and then about 1/4 inch inside the pieces. On the stars I quilted another star inside.

On the trumpet angels I quilted a swirl coming out of the trumpets.

On the tree blocks I quilted around the outside, and then 1/4 inch inside the trees. In the background I quilted an all-over swirl pattern. I used a wheat colored thread.

Nana V's Star Quilt

This is my MIL's quilt. She had me quilt stars in the blue four patch blocks, and meander the rest of the quilt.

I used a bright yellow thread (Canary).

"Double Dip" - Zig zag

This is a shop sample for Gracie Lou's.

In the white zig-zag I quilted about 1/4 inch from the seam lines, with a meander in between. In the red/pink zig-zags I quilted about 1/4 inch from the seam lines, and then another 1/4 inch from that, with a meander in between. In the outer border I quilted connecting loops. I used wheat colored thread.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Play on Whites

My DH's cousin made this quilt for her husband for his birthday.

Using eggshell colored thread I quilted a meander across the white/off-white quilt.

Sewing Ladies

This fun quilt is a sample for Gracie Lou's.

On the spool blocks I outline quilted them and then added thread detail across the centers of each spool.

Around each of the picture frames I quilted a different border pattern.

Everywhere else I quilted an all-over design with sewing tool elements. Above, a sewing machine.

Here is a pair of scissors.

Here, a spool of thread (above) and needle (below)

I connected each of the sewing tools with a meander, and used an eggshell colored thread.

Raw-Edge Applique Quilt

My MIL made this cute quilt out of Lila Tueller's Santorini for Moda.

I did an all-over, large floral motif.

I used eggshell colored thread.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gracie Lou's Runner of the Month - February

This sweet table runner is Gracie Lou's runner of the month for February.

Using eggshell colored thread I quilted an all-over heart design.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


What in the world does NQT NYD MQ 2010 mean? Well, it means "Not Quite Traditional" New Year's Day Mystery Quilt 2010. It's a class I took from Longarm University. It was all online. It was really a lot of fun. Here is my finished product:
We did not quite traditional cross hatching and Baptist fans. It was fun.

There was a ton of quilting involved!

Surprisingly, I got it quilted and bound in just 2 days! I guess I was feeling motivated. :D

Below is the back. I based the fabrics I chose off of fabrics I had in my stash. I really wanted to use the lime green/turquoise (backing fabric) and the lime green (binding fabric) from my stash. Unfortunately, I didn't really have enough of anything that matched, so I had to buy the rest of the fabrics used in the top. It wasn't that much, though, so I'm happy :) Funny story, the fabric for the back is actually fabric from a Halloween line that I bought on clearance at Gracie Lou's. It doesn't look like Halloween fabric to me, though, which is a good thing.
Cindy, our instructor, recommended we use contrasting thread. I thought when I ordered my thread that it would be enough of a contrast. Turns out it blended in really well. Now that it's all quilted, I'm glad that the thread isn't too contrasting, because the texture from the quilting is so nice. I used Kate Green on the turquoise bits for the Baptist Fans, Ferrari for the lime green background quilting, and Gerbera Daisy in the hot pink fabrics. They are all by So Fine! threads.

Nana V's Thimbleberries

My MIL made this quilt several years ago. I quilted it this afternoon.

Using a wheat colored thread I quilted a meander across the quilt.

Gracie Lou's Runner of the Month - January

Gracie Lou's decided to do a table runner of the month. This is January's runner.

In the black octogons I quilted snowflakes. Across the rest of the quilt I quilted swirls, kind of like snow flurries I guess. :)

This is the cute back with the checkerboard strip. I used wheat colored thread.

Angel's Gift

My SIL, Angel (she doesn't update her blog, but I thought I'd link it anyway), made this quilt for one of her friends after their mother passed away. Her friend brought her some of her mom's old clothes, and Angel made this great hidden nine patch quilt from some of them (the light blue and denim looking solids).

I quilted a big loop/flower design across the quilt.

Several of the clothing pieces had some great embroidery that Angel cut out and fused to the quilt top. I stitched along the edges to secure them to the quilt.
I used an eggshell colored thread.

LOVE quilted

Here are some pictures of "LOVE" all quilted. I'm currently working on binding it. It turned out far better than I expected! :)

I did an all-over feather, floral, and swirl pattern. I had a lot of fun with this quilt. I branched out from my comfort zone and used a Neon Red colored thread. It's funny, because the thread ended up taking on the pink tones from the fabrics instead of being red.
I can't wait until I have this finished. It is going to be so much prettier in my living room. I currently have this quilt, only it is thoroughly trashed by now. I'm hoping to have "LOVE" bound by the end of the weekend.

Buggy Barn Stars

This fun Buggy Barn quilt is a shop sample for Gracie Lou's.

I outline stitched around the star and did an echo meander in each of the star block backgrounds. I stitched in the ditch around the borders, using a squiggly line between the blocks.

You can see the quilting detail better from the back view of the quilt, due to the light colored fabric used. I used a wheat colored thread.

Friday, January 1, 2010


I rang in the new year by making this fabulous quilt! I used the Turning Twenty pattern by Tricia Cribbs and used Love by Amy Butler. I just love Love! It's so beautiful! I picked 6 of my favorite fabrics for the blocks and another fabric for the border.

Isn't it so beautiful?! I just love it!!

Here is the finished set: backing (blue), the quilt top, and the binding.
I'm going to quilt it tomorrow/today and hopefully have it bound by the end of the weekend. :) I bought Star Trek on blu-ray the other day, so I'll have 2 hours of fabulous movie to keep me from getting bored of binding! :)


On this fun quilt I stitched in the ditch around each of the hexagons.

In every other row I quilted swirls in the hexagonal (is that even a word?!) sections.
I used eggshell colored thread.