Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pleased to Present:

Okay, so I have been working on these for a few weeks now, about a month actually, and am proud to present my Banners of the Month!

I've been desiging, in my "free" time, wallhangings for each month of the year. I only really have 1 finished, but I've been working on several at once.

The first one I have mostly finished, except for the last half of the binding, is July's.


I used a variegated red/white/blue thread for the white border around the flag in the center. I freehanded flags and loops. In the blue stars behind the "JULY" I quilted stars and loops in a navy blue. I also used the longarm to finish the applique edges of "JULY".

I used a navy blue and echo quilted around the star. I used navy blue on my domestic machine, along with a decorative stitch, to applique the edges of the white star. Around the flag I did a squiggle outline.

I know it's just a wallhanging, but I couldn't resist putting this super-cute fabric on the back. The color looks more orange in the picture because of the lighting in my living room, but I promise it's really red.

I just finished piecing together August's wallhanging. YAY! I don't have the letters appliqued to the bottom strip of yellow because I don't have a printer at home to print the letters out with. Anyway, I am hoping to get it finished tomorrow. Since it is just a wallhanging, I'll probably just back it with some muslin and then use the leftover hot pink to bind it with.

I'm currently working on January's as well. I have most of it pieced and can't wait to unveil it!!!

Patterns will be available for sale soon, most likely on etsy. I have to finish drawing up some things for them, but have most of January's and July's patterns written. I am so excited!!

So, anyway, just wanted to introduce my lovelies to you all.