Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Personal Quilts from Classes

Last New Year's Day I took a class online called NYD Mystery Quilt. On New Year's Eve we constructed the quilt following online directions. Then, on New Year's Day we were to quilt the quilt, again following online directions.
This was my result. It's tricky when you pick fabrics for a mystery quilt. I maybe wouldn't pick these same colors doing this quilt again, but I am quite happy with the result considering I had no idea what I was making.

I used navy blue and eggshell colored threads to provide some contrast in areas and to blend in in others.

The quilt is currently hanging on a stand in Sweetbriar Cove, Salem. It's used not just to display, but also to close off my section of the shop when I'm not there.

This is my second class quilt. In August I took a class called Feathered Wreath Mystery Quilt, or FWMQ. For this class, we were given the pattern ahead of time, so I had an easier time picking fabrics for it.
This quilt was harder to quilt. There were lots of thread changes. The class focused on using plastic templates in aiding us to create the feathered wreaths.

I love the border we did on this quilt! It's an alternating feathered wreath. In one of the photos above you can see the bottom border, which is more of a wave instead of alternating.

On this quilt I used eggshell, Chambray, and light blue colored threads.
This quilt is currently hanging on the back wall behind my Gammill machine in my area at Sweetbriar Cove.