Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gift for a Neighbor

A lady brought this to me to quilt. She has had the top for a while, and decided to have it finished so she could give it to a neighbor who needed some comfort at the time.

I love this quilt top! The doilies were used so cleverly! They are just fused to the top, and then I quilted over them to secure them to the quilt.
For the back she went to Shopko and bought one of those microfleece blankets. It quilted so nicely! I was really surprised, because I'd never seen that done before, but it looked so beautiful when it was finished. It had the look of Minkee without costing as much, which is a great tip for quilters who want to use Minkee but can't afford it this time of year.
I did a meander in a wheat colored thread.