Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This cute quilt was brought to me by a client. She wanted something cute done with it. I had so much fun quilting this, because I got to do a lot of different designs.
In the flag I outlined the star, did an echo meander in the blue background, and did wavy lines in the stripes on the flag.

I added some details to the pumpkin and the leaf, and left the background plain.
I echo stitched around the heart.

I outlined the sunflower, and did an echo meander in the background.

In the center I did a tight meander.
(photo of the bottom half of the quilt - it was HUGE!)

I stitched around the appliques, and did a loop with stars. Around the snowman I did loops with a few snowflakes.
I outlined the star, and did a ribbon around it in the background.
I stitched around the bunny, added clouds in the background, and grass in the green piece beneath it. I didn't do anything around the flowers on each side.

I outlined the tree and added some branch details. I quilted bark lines onto the tree trunk.
I tiled the house roof, and added window panes to the windows, and siding to the house. I used a ribbon to fill in the background behind the roof.
As you can see from the photos above, I also did a vine with leaves in the sashing around the blocks and the center section of the quilt. I used a whole wheat colored thread.