Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Friday, November 7, 2008

Three Quilts for "M"

I have a client, we'll call her "M", and she recently brought me 3 quilts to do. She was giving them away as gifts. I actually finished these last week, but it's taken me a while to get them posted...sorry!

This first one was red, black, and white, and for one of her adult nephews. The lighter red fabric (as seen in the thinner of the two borders) had almost a zebra-looking pattern to it. I immediately knew I wanted to do something similar to the pattern in the quilting. I also decided that I wanted to make some of the pieces pop more. To achieve this, I did a really, super tight meander in all of the dark red/black print fabric, and stitched in the ditch around everything else.

Above: Hard to see, but it is the variation of the zebra print theme in the outer border of the quilt.
Below: the back view of the center of the quilt. As you can tell, I used a solid black thread for all of the quilting.

This next one was for my client's daughter. She turned 21 this year. In the bottom right corner I quilted her name and date of birth. Then, everywhere else I did a fairly tight meander using a green/white/tan variegated thread.
This next one was my favorite of the three! This third one was for a female co-worker of my client's husband. But, she told me that her husband might want to keep it instead. This influenced me to do a non-gender specific pattern. I did a fairly tight looping meander in a burgundy colored thread.

Below: I love the colors she used in this quilt. I didn't have a thread that looked to match exactly, but once I started quilting in the burgundy it was obvious how perfect it was for the fabrics. I especially like how beautiful it looks on the gold and tan fabrics.