Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Feathers, feathers, everywhere!

This one was the second quilt I did this month for my client, "M". It was huge! But it turned out really nicely. It took me about a week to complete the quilting, which surprised even me, because I did a lot of quilting on it.
There were 99 blocks on this quilt. I took sets of 4s and quilted a feather 'x' motif through them. Then I meandered throughout the background.

In the border I did a long feather. It streched from the middle of the short sides of the quilt, around the corner, and ended in the middle of the long side of the quilt. This made two continuous, long feathers in the border. It looked really cool. There was a smaller border that I did a continuous squiggle in.

I love the way it looks on the back of the quilt! I used navy blue thread, and she provided me with wool batting, which quilts up beautifully, so the end effect was really quite splendid.

The feathered 'x' is a design I came up with in one of my "doodle sessions" as I call them, and is available for use in other quilts if desired.