Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lots 'o lines

This is a quilt I did for my client, "M". She wanted it heavily quilted, but wasn't sure how tight I could go with Minkee on the back. I did some research, and a lady on one of my long arm quilting groups had mentioned that she had quilted about 1 inch apart. That was good to know.

I got to work thinking of how I could quilt this one. It is for a man, so I couldn't really do anything to feminine, and I didn't want to do just a stipple, since I had stippled one for her a few weeks ago. This left me in a bit of a pickle, but I finally figured out a cool-looking pattern.

In the dark blue pieced squares I quilted a continuous snaking square design. Then, I quilted in the ditch around each square-in-a-square block unit. In the corner triangles, I quilted at a diagonal.
In the triangles on the edges I quilted vertical lines (along the top and bottom borders) and horizontal lines (along the side borders). In the inner navy blue border I did perpendicular lines. In the maroon/pieced border I did a squiggle, and then in the outer border I did a zig-zag.

I love the way it looks on the Minkee back. Very cool! And, it is quilted closer than 1 inch. I think maybe 1/2 inch in most places.