Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My client, Joy (not her real name), brought me another cute quilt to do last week. She used fabrics from Tula Pink's "Nest" and it was so fun and bright. She didn't really know what she wanted done with it, but she wanted something to tie the fabrics in with the quilting. She picked a really pretty bright yellow thread color (I think it is Goldenrod, and it was definitely a good choice for the quilt). The thread matched perfectly with the yellow in the fabric line, and even on the non-yellow fabrics it didn't stand out too much or detract at all from the quilt itself.

After much drawing, doodling, and some serious thought, I decided on a pattern. I took one of the themes from the fabric: and egg in some leaves, and adapted it little. I then quilted it in half of the blocks of the quilt. To fill in the empty space, I did a medium sized meander.
Above: the egg pattern.

Below: The meander, and the fabric that inspired the quilting design. You can see I left out the leaves that went up the sides of the egg, and adapted the leaves in front a little.

This pattern will be placed in my original quilting design book, and is available for quilting on any size quilt.