Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Someday I will actually finish piecing my Swoon quilt (I'm using Parisville by Tula Pink, and it is going to be so pretty I can hardly stand it!), but until then, I'll just quilt other people's tops :)

Here's one that I quilted for a friend of mine. I love the colors she used. It's so gorgeous!

I did a lot of feathers. I LOVE feathers (in case I haven't mentioned it before....and in case you couldn't tell).

Feathers in the center of the block. Feathers in the outer ring of the block. Feathers in the sashing.
And then I did loops to fill in the little triangles in the background. I love loops too.
And because I couldn't get quite the best angle of the blocks with quilting from the front side of the quilt, here's a quick little peek at the back of the quilt. I used white thread, so it shows up so nicely on the dark backing fabric.
Gosh! Just looking at these pictures makes me want to get my blocks out again and start working on them. Maybe this weekend, for National Quilting Day (March 16th). What are you going to work on Saturday?