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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cousin's School Project

I have a little cousin who is in 9th grade....I guess that doesn't really make her little, does it? Anyway, I still think of her as little. Does anyone else do that? I have another cousin who I still remember as a cute little girl but is apparently old enough to graduate from high school. What the? Where did the time go?! How old am I anyways?!

Well, back to my cousin in 9th grade.... She had a school project to make a quilt and complete it by the end of the school year, June 4th or so. Her mom emailed me and asked me if I could squeeze them in. Fortunately I have not had a long wait, so I was able to get it done for them.

My cousin, 9th grader's sister who is my age, came down with the quilt to visit. It was so much fun to see her! She was shocked to see how fast the process goes once the quilting starts, and was very surprised when I told her I'd have it done in a few hours.

Isn't it such a fun and bright quilt? It was so cute! The back was the bright blue, so I used a blue thread.

She already had polyester batting, so I quilted a looser loop with flowers across the entire quilt. It turned out really great, and from what I hear via email, my little cousin loved it. Now she just needs to bind it and she'll have her school project done!

I think it is so cool that kids can quilt in Jr High and High School now. I'm sure that they might have done something like that at my high school, but the home ec classes weren't really recommended by many people, sadly. (I did take Foods, which was awful, and Interior Design, which was okay, and I agree with what the people said: home ec suffered greatly at my school.)