Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Friday, February 20, 2009

Flowers and Butterflies

This cute quilt is for Gracie Lou's.
I echoed the flowers three times....

....And the butterflies five times.

I filled in the rest of the quilt with a looping meander.
I used a baby pink colored thread. It turned out super cute!

Lots of color

This is another quilt for my client, "M". My cute little 2-year old decided he wanted to be in this picture! I love the bright colors "M" used in this quilt. They brighten it up so nicely.
I did large swirls in the big border, and a squiggle in the little border.

I did a really tight meander in the center of the quilt. I used a thread called Mother Goose. It's like a tan, but a little darker.

Welcome Panel

I think this is the cutest panel quilt I've ever done!!
I did leaves, a squiggle, and swirls in the borders. I outlined the welcome banner, the house, and the trees. In the striped sections I did tall loops.

I used a Light Strawberry colored thread.


A client brought this quilt in to me. Her mother/grandmother started it many years ago, and she has decided to finish it.
I stitched in the ditch around each piece of the star, and extended the lines out into the black background around it.

In the outer border I quilted lines 3 inches apart.
The back of the quilt looks really cool with all the lines.

I used a black thread.

Rag Quilt

A client brought me this rag quilt and wanted it quilted similarly to the one I did for Gracie Lou's. I've done so many quilts like the one at the shop that you'd think I'd remember how it was quilted. I couldn't remember exactly, so this was a little different than the shop sample, but it turned out really cute.
Instead of the squiggly lines I did a loop.

I used a white colored thread.

Safari Rag Quilt

This cute rag quilt a client brought me uses fun safari fabrics.
In the smallest block I did a paw print.

In the borders I did a wandering paw print design.

View of the back of the quilt. In the outer edge of the quilt I just did a continuous loop.

Spring Flowers

This quilt was from my client, "Joy", who also works at Gracie Lou's. They got this quilt pattern out of a magazine, and it is so cute! The pattern called for leaves appliqued throughout the entire border, but I think it is just darling without all of that business.
I outlined the blocks with 1/4 in stitch, and did a small flower in the center block. In the small green border I did a squiggle. Then in the outer border I quilted lines 2 inches apart.

I stitched closely around the flowers in the corner of the borders.

In the center block of the quilt I stitched around the flowers, and then did vertical lines 2 inches apart.

Hidden 9-patch

This quilt is from my client, "M". She usually doesn't give me instruction on what to do, but lets me do what I think will look good on the quilt.
I decided to cross-hatch the center of the quilt, and following the pattern in the border fabric, I did boxes around the center of the quilt.

Here is a view of the back of the quilt. I used a whole wheat colored thread.

Baby Quilt

A family friend, and lady who works at Gracie Lou's, brought this quilt to me.
I did a fairly small meander across the entire quilt.

To match the back, I used a light blue thread.

Red Work

My Great-Aunt sent me this beautiful quilt to quilt for her. It has red work, and her stitches were all PERFECT! It was so beautiful.
In the corners of the red work blocks I did small feathers. In the large pieced triangles I did a larger version of the feather.

I did long, continuous feathers in the Irish Chain.

At the top and bottom of the quilt there were white rectangles that I did a large feather in.

I love the way it looks on the back of the quilt. She used a solid white, and the quilting shows up so well on the back.

I used the eggshell colored thread for this quilt.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Coming Soon

Sorry for the lack in posting. I have been super busy, and have lots of fun quilts to upload, but we are getting ready to move next week (on Valentine's day of all days!). I promise a whole bunch of awesome quilt posts somewhere in the week of the 15th (depending on when the internet gets hooked up). Please keep checking back for more posts.

In the meantime, check out Gracie Lou's website and blog for fun new fabrics, and some great project ideas!