Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Purple Chain Quilt

So I'm participating in the Purple Chain Quilt thingy.

Have you heard of it before?

If not, here's the deets:

"Please send two (2) 6-inch squares of purple fabric to the first person on the address list. It can be plaid, checkered, print, or solid – try to pick fabrics that you would be happy receiving! The only restriction is that it must be 100% cotton!

Next, update the address list. Rewrite the list, but remove the first name and address (the one you just sent the fabric to) and add your name and address below the last address on the list. Then, make four (4) copies of this letter and the list of addresses and send them to four (4) different quilting or sewing friends along with two (2) 6-inch squares of purple fabric with each letter.

Altogether, you should receive enough blocks to make a purple charm quilt if no one breaks the chain! It will be fun to see where all the squares come from, and what they’ll look like all put together!

Try to do this within one week of receiving your letter.

If you cannot participate, please return the squares and the letter to me, so that it will not break the chain."

So anyway, I'm looking for 4 people to send my squares to. If anyone's interested, shoot me an email:  designsbylaurajo {at} gmail {dot} com.

It should be fun, and it looks like it's pretty easy, since there's no piecing or actual making of anything required to participate :)