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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More Quilt Retreat

 Remember how I said I couldn't find the photos I took of Retreat in August last year? Well I found them! They were on my camera, of all places. Gosh, who'd have thought they'd actually be where they were supposed to be? ;)

So, here are some more photos from the retreat!

We put together fun little goodie bags for everyone who attended. I love how the black and white polka dot bags stand out against the hot pink table cloths. So fun!

Brookie got to come with me. She was such a good baby. I was worried she would be screamy and loud but she was really good. I snapped these cute pics of her before retreat started.
 She's such a happy 7 month old! And of course she wasn't really crawling much yet, so it was easy to keep her where I wanted her.
 The whole group. We had almost 50 people in attendance, up from the previous year. We will be doing it again in 2013, and hopefully we'll get even more people!

Shari Butler showing off some of her cute stuff. Her awesome husband drove her down from Davis County to come speak to us. What a trooper!

We really had a lot of fun. We did lots of make and takes and other things, but I was so busy having a good time that I kind of forgot to take pictures of that. Oops! Next time, I promise :)