Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Friday, October 8, 2010

Queen of Repurposing

I have a client who rescues a lot of quilt tops and blocks and pieces of quilts.  She is amazing.  She bought these cute little Sunbonnet Sue blocks at a yard sale, then sashed and bordered them into a quilt top.

I quilted a ribbon meander in the background of the Sunbonnet Sue blocks.  I stitched around the applique, and quilted flowers in the sashing.
In the outer border I quilted leaves.
I used SO FINE! Daffodil yellow thread on the bottom of the quilt, and Permacore Dyed Natural thread on the quilt top.

This next quilt of hers is one that her daughter rescued for her.  She found it in the remaining trash and garbage at a swap meet in another state.  I think it is the cutest thing ever!  She kept the edge trim of the blanket on and sewed it to some fabric she picked as a border.

I cross-hatched across the rescued blanket, using Permacore Dyed Natural thread.
In the border I quilted loops using Permacore Chambray thread.