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Friday, October 16, 2009

New Moon for Charity

There are 37 Days left until New Moon opens.

There are 41 Days until our New Moon benefit PAR-TAY!

Tickets are still available to the PARTY. So! If you can't find tickets to opening night (which you probably can't because most places have been sold out for a month now) then call us at Sweetbriar Cove 801-423-1876 or email and get your tickets to the benefit PARTY!

Even if you have tickets for opening night you should still come to our party because it is going to be AWESOME! We have a TON of door prizes. And everyone gets a gift, too, for donating to the two wonderful causes.

Which causes, you ask? Well I will tell you!!

BORTO DESERET ORPHANAGE is an orphanage in Liberia (Africa) that is home to 40+ children who cannot be adopted because of Liberia's government rules. Their needs are incredibly basic: FOOD, CLOTHING, and MEDICINE.

COLTON'S ANGELS is a group of women who provide an annual scholarship to a graduating high school senior attending the auto mechanics program at a local college. This year they are entering a tree in the Festival of Trees (proceeds from the sale of the tree go to Primary Children's Hospital). They also have been gathering and/or making blankets, stuffed animals, coloring books and crayons, and other comfort items for a local hospital to distribute to children and families receiving treatment.

SO! Come party with us on the 24th of November!!! We're going to be wearing our red, white and black attire, deciding whether we are TEAM EDWARD or TEAM JACOB (or BOTH! in my case haha), enjoying a great movie based on a FABULOUS book (if you haven't read it yet, you should), and helping out TWO wonderful causes.

If you haven't seen all three trailers, then check them out below! (#2 is AWESOME, so is #3!!!)

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Barb said...

I can barely stand the wait. Thanks for the previews. I hadn't seen two of them.