Custom Longarm Machine Quilting

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Super SImple Quilt

This is a quilt from a student at Gracie Lou's. She took the Quilting 101 class, and did such a good job on her first quilt! I love the fabrics she chose.
The backing was a brown with light blue polka dot minkee. I quilted it in a light blue thread.

She wanted "X" s in the little squares with swirlies surrounding in the big one (above) alternated with.....

Swirlies in the small square surrounded by a diamond/x/cross-hatched pattern in the big square.
It turned out so cute! I really love it when minkee is used as backing on quilts. It always looks so fun on the back! Plus, it is really soft and snuggly.


Eileen said...

I really love this simple design. You did a nice job on it too.